Sync Rx™

Calendar of scheduled refill dates from Gibson Pharmacy in Athens TX

Sync Rx™ is our coordinated refill program

Advantages of participating in the program include:

  • Convenient to use packaging – All medications specially packaged by day and time to meet your needs without having to rely on bulky pill organizers that you have to load every week.
  • Increased convenience – a single monthly trip to the pharmacy (for medications in the program). Convenient packaging to help with remembering doses.
  • Peace of mind from being able to get medications on time and in one order.
  • More personal contact with the pharmacist and staff to ask questions and discuss medications.
  • Increased understanding of your medication, its purpose, potential side effects, and costs.
  • Prescription records will be easily updated to reflect changes to therapy made by doctors or upon hospital discharge.

Each month, 5-7 days before your refill date, a Gibson Pharmacy staff member will contact you to determine if you have had any changes to your medications. If there have been any doctor’s appointments, hospitalizations, or relevant changes to your prescriptions please let us know immediately.

Due to the nature and purpose of the program, we cannot repackage any medication without a medication or dosage change and doctor’s orders.  If you are having trouble taking your packaged doses on time please consult with us on methods to help you stay adherent to your medications.

Your cooperation is required to ensure the above benefits occur.  Please make sure you are available to receive or return a call during this time to keep the program working for you. It is vital to maintain an open dialogue with our staff regarding doctor’s appointments/hospital urgent care visits, and changes in your health status.

It is important that medications are picked up/delivered on the scheduled date.  If you miss the delivery, you may pick up your prescriptions or have the option for re-delivery for a fee (fee for out of town only).  Before delivery or at time of pickup, a Gibson Pharmacy staff member will ask you a series of validation questions designed to help us keep you on track.

Please understand there may be an extra one time co-pay for each medication to make all refills due on the same day. We do our best to minimize any extra co-pays if possible.

OTC medications and supplements may be added to your packaging, however, after the first fill we recommend you switch to our stock OTC medications.  A $2 packaging fee per 30 day’s supply will be added for each medication that comes from an outside source.

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